You Own The Night Dress Hire was established in 2017. We offer exclusive designer garments at a fraction of the price, and you never have to wear the same thing twice.

With dresses for every occasion, you can stand out & own the night every time. From birthdays to formals, from weddings to the races, you can wear the latest designers and not worry about the hassle or the cost of owning.

YOTN is a destination for every woman who has a love for beautiful things. It’s for every girl who knows they don't have to spend thousands of dollars to feel amazing. For anyone who values access over ownership and prefers to experience a beautiful garment and give it back rather than be in debt from it.

YOTN wants every girl to OWN THE NIGHT, while still being able to save for a house or a wedding. We want you to be able to stay current in fashion, but save for real life goals - not just your fashion addiction. 

We are a haven for women who want the option to be seen in a new designer dress at every event, without the hours spent walking around a shopping mall or the credit card bills that go with it.

We are the obvious solution to every girl’s problem, do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Start with us. Own The Night, Hire the Dress!



I took over YOTN in March 2018. It was something I had always thought about doing but never really having the opportunity, until You Own The Night fell into my lap.

The thought of this business stems from years of my unavoidable love for designer brands and expensive taste, with having a desire for every girl to find comfort in feeling & looking amazing in a designer outfit without having to feel the guilt of spending their whole weeks’ wage. The trait of having expensive taste, for me and I'm guessing most others, has haunted me for years and the love for designer brands, has many a time, lead me broke.

A hairdresser by trade, I have been exposed to the fashion industry for a very long time and I’m not shy to a runway show.

Once upon a time, I would never of thought twice about spending a whole pay on the outfit or bag I desperately “needed” for the following weekend, until my wage and lifestyle changed and all of a sudden I didn't have a disposable income anymore. In retrospect, I wish this ever-growing industry was around when I was in my early 20’s, if it was maybe I would of had a deposit for a house rather than a wardrobe that slowly went missing between every house move, and a wedding budget that could Keep up with the Kardashians.

I want YOTN to be more than a Business that hires out dazzling designer dresses. I want to empower women to be better than the women they were the day before. I want women to feel good in their body, love who they are and Own The Night in looks and in confidence. As shallow as it may sound, for me to feel good, I need to look good, so it goes hand in hand and throwing on a designer dress for a special event always makes me feel sparkly.

Organisation is something else that makes my world go around, without this everything else falls apart, so I take immense pride in my business operations and getting our garments to you on time and well before your event. Cutting corners is one thing that you don't have to worry about and we always go above and beyond. When it comes to YOTN, we are the best friend that will always have your back.

Coming across a heartfelt quote on Instagram is enough to make my day, my flower posts are something I make a conscious effort to do, to reach out to our followers. I feel it’s the little things that make all the difference, especially with a small business. So, the days that you’re on Instagram scrolling our feed, I hope we might just make your day, too.

I’m a mother of a 2 year old who pretty much runs my life, and newly a wife to a very dependent ‘man child’. My family are my world, but this business keeps me going and gives me purpose. I'm just like you, I was a YOTN customer before I became YOTN. I love fashion and find joy in the perfect party dress but can’t afford to invest in the full retail price.

For the time being, I’m Jaimee Lee and I’m here to help you all get through one fashion meltdown, “I don't have anything to wear” emergencies, at a time.