How can I book a dress/item?

To place an order or book an item(s), please browse our range of designer garments, check the availability via our live booking system, select the day you wish the garment to be delivered (we recommend the day before your event) and continue to checkout. Please view how it works to understand the full process and follow our schedules to advise which booking period to select.

It’s as easy as that.

How long can I hire a dress/item for?

Our process has recently changed. We now offer a Weekend or Weekday Hire period.

Weekend Hire is 4 days, your order will be delivered on the Friday before your event and your return day will usually be the following Monday (or Tuesday if a Public Holiday occurs)

Weekday Hire Is now a little more customised, and time frame may vary with each booking.

Emergency Hire may be available upon request. If you would like to request a next day delivery service please contact us via direct message via our LIVE CHAT in the bottom right hand corner. 

If you are interested in Holiday hire, please contact us via email info@youownthenight to request (fee’s apply).

What’s included in my hire?

Your selected item(s) for your hire period, prepaid return shipping fee’s and cleaning fee’s - as per Hire Policy.

What’s included in my delivery package?

Your item(s) will be packed with care and love ready to go to your nominated shipping address. Included will be our item(s), Return Instructions Card stating your exact return date, our Social Media details, and a pre addressed express post bag for our garments journey home.

What if my item(s) are creased when I receive them?

Your item(s) will be packed with care to avoid any creasing in transit. If your item(s) happens to be creased when they arrive, please use a steamer on the required setting to remove any creases. Please do not iron.

Can I try on the dress/item?

Due to Covid-19, we have decided to suspend our 'Try on Services" permanently. Unfortunately it is not possible to have all garments cleaned thoroughly after the short timeframe this service provides.


Please email us if you wish to request exact measurements for any stock, we can also answer any sizing questions. Our website will soon be updated with all measurements. 

I have received my dress/item, but it’s not quite right. What are my options?

Unfortunately, YOTN is unable to provide any refunds, exchanges or credits for incorrect sizing or change of mind once our dress has left the showroom. 

What if I stain or damage the dress or hired item?

The first thing to do is not worry! Please email us, prior to your order being sent back to let us know. We understand accidents happen, we have a team of professional dry cleaners and experienced seamstresses who are more than likely able to fix the issue at hand. We are happy to look after all minor stains such as water stains, but excessive staining, including fake tan marks or any type of damage will incur a damage fee to repair the product or cover multiple cleaning services. If the dress is not repairable, unfortunately you will be charged additional fees for the replacement of the product, these fees will be determined by YOTN. Please refer to our Hire Policy to read about our damage policy.

Do you have any tips to help me keep the item(s) in perfect condition?

Absolutely! Please be careful of your fake tan transferring onto the piece so avoid sweating if you can. Please do not spray any perfume or deodorant directly onto the fabric and avoid any oil based body moisturizers that may transfer. Overall, take extra care when you’re out and keep in mind the garment isn’t yours, so please treat it as if you were borrowing it from your best friend who will be mad if you ruin her favourite outfit.

Should I wash the dress?

Please, under no circumstances, wash or dry clean the item(s). Garment cleaning is included in your hire fee. Please note that any attempt to wash or clean the garment may result in additional charges applying.

How do I return my dress once my hire period is over?

Please refer to the Return Instructions Card included with your delivery to return your item. Please be sure to follow these instructions carefully, to avoid any late fee’s. 

If you are local and have picked up your order or had your order delivered to you, please place it into the white sealable bag provided and drop into our post box available at the front of the Showroom by 8pm on your return date.

What is your late fee policy?

Any item(s) not returned to us at the conclusion of your hire period will incur a late fee of 25% per 24 hours. Please refer to our Hire Policy to read about our late fee’s in full.

What is your booking/hire policy?

Please click here to read our complete Hire Policy. Please note by making a purchase/booking with YOTN, you are agreeing to our Hire Policy.

Where do you ship to, what are the shipping fees and how long will shipping take?

YOTN currently ships Australia Wide. All orders are shipped via Direct Post and include a return express bag for the flat rate of $30AUD. Please be aware it is the customers responsibility to notify YOTN if you do live in Rural areas or where the Australia Post express postal service does not reach you or you live out side the next day delivery service area. 
Please click here to calculate delivery times via Australia Post. 

Why do i need to send a copy of my ID?

As per our T & C, YOTN will request a copy of your photo ID which will be held as a form of security for the length of your hire. You will receive a email requesting this at the time of booking, If our request is not met you will receive a follow up the week your order is due to be sent. A copy or photo of your ID needs to be sent to, for your privacy our email has a SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology, please refer to our privacy policyYour Tracking number will be emailed to you once your ID has been received. Your ID will be deleted from your file once our item has been returned in good order.

We require your ID to confirm your identity is the same as your booking details, your are over the age of 18 (as our services are not offered to anyone under the age of 18) and to use as a reference for authorities if our products are not returned to us.

You do have the right to decline this request, however If YOTN do not receive a copy of your ID before your shipment date your order will not be sent and you will forfeit the full booking fee.

When will my order arrive?

Your order will be delivered the day before your event. YOTN will ship orders following our schedule available here. All orders are sent via direct post which is a 1-2 day service, please view our shipping schedule to see the exact day we will ship your order. 

What happens if my garment doesn’t arrive?

If you do not receive the dress by 5pm on the day before your event please email us or direct message us via our live chat in the bottom right corner. All of our deliveries are tracked, therefore no parcel will be unaccounted for.

What happens if I am not home when the courier arrives with my garment?

If you are not home, the courier may deliver your parcel to your nearest post office where you will be able to pick it up. Please note your rental period begins from the day your parcel was first attempted to be delivered to you.

What if I need the dress tomorrow?

Emergency Hire, is available upon request. If your request is accepted next day delivery is available throughout most areas in NSW and to all major cities in Australia.

Please advise us prior to making the booking to ensure we can accommodate you request.

Can I track my package?

YOTN will send you a email with your tracking number as soon as it is on its way.

I would like to take my dress interstate, is that okay?

Sure thing! As long as it is placed in the Express Post Bag provided and posted no later then 12noon on the next business day after your event. You still must follow the required return instructions. We do ask that you contact YOTN and let us know the details before hand. This can be in the state your received it or any other major Australian city.

Something else? email us and we will get back to you.